Silde, T.: Comparative Study of ECC Libraries for Embedded Devices. (Survey)

TLDR; We’re giving a survey of side-channel attacks against elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) and efficient countermeasures, and study the source code and documentation of popular ECC libraries to determine how secure they are (from a theoretical point of view).

Hossain, A., Nelson, K., Silde, T.: Where is the Web Still Insecure? Regional Scans for HTTPS Certificates. NISK 2018, Svalbard. (Short paper, Presentation, Github-repo)

TLDR; We scan the top 500 most popular websites from 9 countries of interest to measure how widely adopted HTTPS is, and we are additional looking for HSTS, certificate lengths, cryptographic primitives and key-sizes to measure the Internet security experienced in the countries of interest.

Bachelor Thesis

Silde, T.: Bilinear pairings of elliptic curves, NTNU Trondheim, 2015. (Thesis)

TLDR; We study bilinear pairings of elliptic curves. The motivation for the project is the Diffie-Hellmann Protocol for three people to communicate secret messages over an insecure channel. We look at the properties of elliptic curves in simplified Weierstrass form, how to calculate the pairings on these curves and finally we present Miller’s algorithm which performs the particular calculations.


My main supervisor is professor Kristian Gjøsteen at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at NTNU.

My co-supervisor is professor Colin Boyd at the Department of Information Security and Communication Technology at NTNU.

Research Groups

The algebra group at the Department of Mathematics at NTNU.

The NTNU Applied Cryptology Lab (NaCl) at the Department of Information Security and Communication Technology at NTNU.

The COINS Research School of Computer and Information Security for PhD. students at NTNU, University of Agder, University of Bergen, University of Oslo, University of Stavanger, and University of Tromsø.

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